Rep. Sue Allor Leads Tele-Townhall with Local School Districts

Many schools are slowly rolling out the decision of what they will do come fall.

State Representative Sue Allor says it’s important to keep parents and teachers clued in on the conversation.

On Thursday, she held a tele-townhall meeting to do just that.

 “There have been a lot of discussion with regard to the kids in this state of Michigan and how do we continue to provide them the education that’s needed,” said Rep. Allor

 She discussed how to best support teachers, staff, and students.

Many of them concerned about being able to create a good learning environment at home.

Rep. Allor said, “Overall concern that I kept hearing was the education of my child has been altered significantly and I don’t know what to do or how it will be handled. We’ve also had discussion in regards to the teachers and the staff at those schools.”

Superintendent for Aplena-Montmorency-Alcona Educational Service District, Scott Reynolds, says their district has already started to draft an approach for the fall- with different accommodations for each phase.

“First being full face to face schooling with remote learning options. Next is full remote learning, with options to seek additional support on school grounds from school staff. And hybrid schedules, a combination of full face to face learning alternating between remote work from home,” said Reynolds.

He says their district has made it a point to include parents in the process.16e6fe66 3aed 4434 9009 Fc5bf11fd8f9

“Our local districts are in very stages of collaboration with their committees, and parents, and health experts,” Reynolds said.

Superintendent Reynolds says they have already started to send out information to the community about how classes in their district may be held.

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