Despite State’s Best COVID-19 Numbers, Northern Michigan Adds Restrictions

Wednesday night’s announcement of many bars and restaurants being limited starting Friday comes as a surprise as the numbers in the Traverse City and Upper Peninsula regions are the best in the state.

The regions have the lowest new cases per day per million people and they have the lowest positive rate of the tests they’re doing. It would seem like they would be moving closer to opening up more sectors of the economy but instead with this executive order, things are closing back down.

“This one is no different than any of the others,” sats Representative Jack O’Malley of Lake Ann, “It leaves you scratching your head.”Whitmer Presser Pic

So far in the MI Safe Start plan, when numbers improve, sectors of the economy get opened but as numbers improve here in Northern Michigan, the opposite is happening.

“We continue to see low levels of deaths and hospitalizations rates, they remain steady,” says Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, the state’s chief medical executive, “Those are both very good signs.”

When asked why the Traverse City and Upper Peninsula regions are adding restriction despite leading the way, Dr. Khaldun said in a statement, “We have noted increases in cases related to travel to Regions 6 & 8. These regions have also been reporting community spread of the virus since early July.“

“We don’t know where about 68% of cases were exposed,” she said during Tuesday’s press conference, “This means this continues to be incredibly important for people to do the basics.”

The state is reasoning that people are traveling Up North and possibly spreading it, despite that not showing in the numbers. Governor Whitmer stands behind safety of Michiganders above all else. She said in a statement, “By taking the strong actions we will be better position to get our children back in the classrooms and avoid potentially devastating second wave.“

Some want more numbers, more context.

“She’s not explaining why she’s doing all of this,” says Rep. O’Malley, “She just says science and data. Well we need more than that. It’s a ‘trust me’ approach. Some people trust her and some people don’t.”

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