Local Brewers Seeing High Demand for Aluminum Cans

The coronavirus pandemic created a surge in demand for aluminum cans and canned beverages.

That’s led to local breweries making some adjustments in how they can and bottle their beer.

The canning line at Short’s Brewing Company in Elk Rapids has been running almost non-stop as they work to meet demand for stores.

That means more aluminum cans rolling off the line.

“It’s definitely a crazy time. We’re seeing a number of forces, there was obviously a general market shift to aluminum cans to begin with, but then the tariff situation, really what’s kicking up now is people are staying at home,” said CEO Scott Newman-Bale

Which means big changes for the craft beer industry.

“A lot more adjusting time, choosing when we do launches, we pushed back a few launches as well for a couple of products. We are very helpful to other breweries typically, we probably help multiple breweries every week with something and we’re a little limited on what we can do right now,” said Newman-Bale.

Mountain Town Brewing Company in Mount Pleasant decided to can canning, and shift to bottles for now.

“It gave us a little opportunity because we have our own bottling line, so for us we can put any brand in a bottle, just put a label on the bottle so that’s increased significantly. Bigger retail stores have called up and said we want more bottled product and we met that demand,” said General Manager Jim Holton.

Short’s says can demand usually tapers off in the fall, but that may not be the case this year.

“I think you’re going to see some shifts back to glass bottles, other containers, different sizes whatever people can get their hands on,” said Newman-Bale.

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