Leland Gal: Talented Leelanau County Artist Creating Colorful Apparel and Decor

A splash of color on your shirt, on your pillow, or even as a state-of-mind is sure to lift your spirits! Maggie Mielczarek, the owner, and founder of Leland Gal in Leelanau County has always had a Leland Gal Ll 4love for bright colors and through that has inspired those visiting Leland from near and far. 

Leland Gal is Maggie’s business that fell together by accident. Maggie’s background is in Art Education. “I spent 12 years as an art teacher and my last year a couple of years I had graphic design, as part of my curriculum. And I started learning how to create patterns as part of the job, and I fell in love with it,” explains Mielczarek. 

From there the rest was history. She has been creating beautifully crafted pieces for the last 8 years. “A lot of this is evolved. We used to do single images to create a pattern and now we know that when it’s painted, there can be adjustments made through Photoshop and there’s a lot more ways to create all over prints,” says Mielczarek. 

This year you will find Leland Gal at a pop-up shop in between River and Main Coffee shop and Ben Maier Ceramics. Due to flooding and COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, she had to move from her Fishtown shop. 

If you are interested in learning more or following along with Maggie’s journey, click here for her Instagram and here for her Facebook page. 



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