COVID-19 Vaccine Deal Made With Trump Administration

07 29 2020 Mtm Covid Latest Vo.transfer

The Trump Administration signed a historic new deal aimed at getting a vaccine in circulation even sooner. It comes as cases are spiking in 22 states and total deaths are nearing 150,000.

President Trump announced, Tuesday, he is allocating $765 million through the Defense Production Act to Kodak to produce critical pharmaceutical ingredients.

At the same time, Pfizer says they are moving onto the next phase of their vaccine trials.

Even though, there is positive news in the race for the vaccine, many states are still seeing the worst of the virus.

In Florida, the Mayor of Miami Beach, says we don’t have time to wait for a vaccine. He also says there is a huge need to get things under control now.

Stimulus bill talks are expected to resume Wednesday. However, both sides indicated Tuesday that they’re still too far apart on a number of issues.

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