Taste the Local Difference: 9 Bean Rows Cafe

It’s Taste the Local Difference Tuesday! ‘The Four’s Michelle Dunaway was at 9 Bean Rows where she got a taste of their fresh dishes from their new cafe.Tld 9 Bean Rows Pkg 4.transcoded.01.transfer

“Each of our food items is made from our vegetables and fruits we grow right here on our farm,” said owner, Jen Welty.

They broke ground in 2019 and added a 2000 sq ft kitchen space on the property. Then, they added a section for seating along with the beauty of a stained timber frame that envelopes the building.

“The idea behind this – is that we wanted someplace for people to come and sit outside, look at the farm and say, ‘hey, the food I am eating was grown right over there,’ how cool is that,” expressed Welty.

The setting is perfect, but what about the food? It’s fresh, it’s local and it’s simple.  They feature an array of classic and contemporary sandwiches and wood-fired pizza topped with in-season goodies.

“We have a very limited menu because we are just starting out,” Welty said, “plus, we want to make sure we tailor the dishes as much as we can to keep it fresh and local”.

For more information about 9 Bean Rows Cafe, and their farm and bakery, click here, or call 231-271-6658.

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