Paws for Health: Preventing Ticks on Your Pets

It’s the season for ticks and in northern Michigan, these pesky creatures can cause some major problems not just for humans but for our pets.  That’s why Dr. Jen Klabunde with Northwood Macro Photography Of Insect In Yellow Flower 3760420Animal Hospital in Grand Traverse County breaks down what we need to know to keep our animals safe.

Dr. Klabunde says this could be one of the worst summers for ticks and it doesn’t take much for them to attach to our dog or cat.  The ticks usually look for tall grassy areas or fields to hide out and then latch on to whoever or whatever walks by.

To see how to keep ticks away from your dog or cat and preventative measures check out the interview with Dr. Klabunde.

For a direct link to Northwood Animal Hospital click here.

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