Grand Traverse Region Family Breaks Ground on Habitat for Humanity Home

Monday afternoon was an important day for one Traverse City family.

“It really just feels like the beginning of the rest of my life here,” said Dewey Perault.

Perault and his two daughters, Amara and Claire, haven’t always had the easiest time, moving a lot and not having a place to call their own.

They qualified for a Habitat for Humanity home and broke ground at the site.

“Unreal, it’s hard to put into words,” said Perault. “Seeing all the trees cleared out it was just…. in my head but now it’s really happening.”

Perault served for many years in the Marines and was deployed in Afghanistan. After coming home, he and his daughters have moved all over northern Michigan, and even now they have long commutes from their current home to their daycare and work. Now they will have a permanent place thanks to the Grand Traverse Region Habitat for Humanity.

The organization is proud to be a part of this dream come true.

“It’s always exciting a new family or individual into the habitat partnership,” said Kathleen English, the homeowner services manager for Habitat for Humanity. “We’re always looking for more people to help them build their dream home with habitat so they have a place to live forever. It never gets old.”

While their house is built and finished these next few months, Perault and his girls say they have a lot to look forward to.

“There’s a lot of little things. The drive, the commute. The stability, it’s going to be our place, and nobody’s going to be able to take that front us once we have it,” said Perault.

For more information on qualifying for homes or to donate and volunteer, you can visit Grand Traverse Region Habitat for Humanity’s website.