Gov. Whitmer Addresses Need for Federal Funding to Help Balance 2021 State Budget

Governor Whitmer gave an update Tuesday afternoon on the state’s response to the coronavirus.

Much of the news conference centered on the state budget for 2021 and the need for more federal aid.

The state was able to fill the holes in the 2020 budget thanks in part to help from the federal government.

The governor says more is needed to get the 2021 budget in order.

Governor Whimter says the stimulus package just unveiled in Washington doesn’t have enough support for states or small businesses.

“I know how this works, the senate has to put their print on it, but they have to come to the table and get his done, and get it done now, Michigan is not the only state calling on them, we need them as Americans to deliver for us all,” said Whitmer.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell unveiled the plan Monday in Washington, and the clock is now ticking for any sort of stimulus legislation to pass.

“So we have one foot in the pandemic and one foot in the recovery. The American people need more help. They need it to be comprehensive, and they need it to be carefully tailored to this crossroads. That is what this Senate majority has assembled,” said McConnell.

But the clock is also ticking for the state budget in Michigan, The governor and the legislature have just about two months to fill a shortfall expected to be in the billions.

“In short, federal funding was key to balancing our current fiscal year budget but now that federal funding is gone and fiscal year ’21 is staring us right in the face. The budget shortfall for the next fiscal year which does begin on October 1 is a huge challenge,” said State Budget Director Chris Kolb.

The state is expected to get a better idea of what the 2021 budget looks like during a revenue estimating conference in August.

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