Shepherd Police Report Case of Mysterious Chinese Seed Packages

Mysterious packages of seeds that appear to be from China have started showing up at homes across the country.

It’s happening here in northern Michigan too.

Experts say planting unknown seeds like this could harm native plant life and crops.

The Shepherd Police Department says a man came in several days ago with packages of seeds he says he didn’t order.

The police chief says there are people locally to contact if you get a package like this in the mail.

“They can contact the Department of Agriculture, I know in Michigan it’s usually the MSU Extension Office and just say hey I got these seeds and I’m not sure exactly what I should do with them. If it’s something you didn’t order and it shows up at your door, it’s probably something you don’t want to keep and plant,” said Chief Luke Sawyer.

You can also report information directly to the USDA.

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