Safety Recommendations for Pregnancy During COVID-19

Deciding to have a baby is a personal and sensitive topic.  Add a looming global pandemic and countless questions about mom and baby’s health come into play more than ever.  That’s why Dr. Pregnancy Pregnant Motherboard Parenthoof 57529June Murphy, the director of maternal and fetal medicine with Munson Healthcare System has some recommendations and advice for women.

Dr. Murphy says first and foremost, women thinking about having a baby should absolutely incorporate prenatal vitamins into their routine 12-weeks prior to conceiving. Plus, the age of the woman and any pre-existing medical conditions need to be considered.

With the pandemic, expectant moms need to be even more aware of their own health.

“Making sure the patient continues their social distancing. Making sure that they are doing proper hand washing and getting plenty of rest taking good care of themselves. Trying to tune up their own baseline health, too. So, I think in general, taking good care of yourself using the good common sense and precautions that we’re universally recommending on is should be in place,” says Dr. Murphy.

Plus, if you’re on the fence about getting pregnant prior to a possible COVID-19 vaccine, there are some recommendations as well.

“We don’t know yet when a vaccine is going to be available. I think, deciding to have a baby is a very personal choice and in many cases, if you wait for the perfect time in life, you’re not going to find that. We don’t know yet if the vaccine will, on the trials will incorporate pregnant women. We do know that as we get older, our fertility rates decrease particularly over age 35, and I worry about a patient putting off or waiting to become pregnant,” says Dr. Murphy.

Dr. Murphy says dads are allowed in the labor and delivery rooms with masks on and must not have any symptoms including fever.  Hospital stays are about two days depending on the health of mom and the baby. She says telemedicine visits through virtual platforms are also an option once a woman becomes pregnant and leading up to the delivery of the baby.

For more medical resources regarding having a baby during the COVID-19 pandemic, Munson Healthcare has detailed information on their website. You can click here for those resources.

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