Local Contractors Deal With Material Delays, Shortages

The coronavirus pandemic continues to have an impact on the construction industry.

Many contractors restarted work in Michigan back in May, but they’re facing a new problem.

Colin Herren is the president of Greenwald & B.C. in Mount Pleasant and finding the materials to finish projects is becoming a challenge.

“Most of our materials are on a made to order, a job-to-job basis, so in terms of cabinets and interior doors or those kind of things the factories were not well stocked so we’re seeing extended lead times on much of the product that were made to order,” said Herren.

Things like cabinets are taking longer and treated lumber is almost impossible to find. Herren says he started noticing shortages and delays in the weeks after construction companies returned to work.

“There was small things being done by homeowners during the quarantine on their own. The stock that people had on hand, as those dwindled, the replacement is the problem, so from the factories, from the lumber mills,” explained Herren.

And the full impact of the material shortage and delay likely hasn’t been felt yet.

“Eventually it either, a, slows the industry or b, costs us more or the customer more money. I think you’re going to find a lot of people will have escalators in their contracts that says if I expected to spend $22,000 on lumber for your house and three weeks from now and we frame it and it costs $25,000 we’re going to change you $3,000 more than you anticipated,” said Herren.

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