CMU Prepares For COVID-19 Cases to Return With Students

In less than a month, colleges will be opening their campuses to students as they prepare for the Fall semester.

One unlike any other as they also look to fit class in while avoiding a COVID-19 outbreak.

Colleges and universities across the state can take every precaution to make sure their campuses are as safe as possible for when students return but COVID-19 will inevitably hit the college campus population.Cmu Covid Plan Pic

“As we get students back to campus, absolutely we’re going to see more cases,” says Dr. George Kikano, dean of the College of Medicine and the vice president of Health Affairs at Central Michigan University

Central Michigan is ready to welcome students back, like all college campuses, they know that many people in one area again will most likely bring COVID as well.

“We’re taking very proactive measures in anticipation that we’re going to see more cases with students coming to campus for the fall semester,” says Dr. Kikano.

The plan is to react quickly. A small number of cases won’t shut down school if they can be contained.

“If students have been exposed or identified as a close contact and don’t have symptoms that require being in the hospital, we have identified several rooms, we have one building with multiple rooms single rooms that are sanitized,” says Dr. Kikano.

What number of cases would shut down classes?

“That’s the million dollar question,” says Dr. Kikano, “No one nationally, no one state wide, no one globally has the answer.”

School staying open will be a decision made by campus leaders and the health department and will take in many factors, not just one total number of cases.

“For that reason we are looking at cases on a daily basis,” says Dr. Kikano, “We are reporting quickly and we’re looking at trends.”

At any time the campus will have a plan for if COVID-19 does hit and it’s out of control. They just move everything back to virtual learning.

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