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Experiencing Peak Bloom at Lavender Hill Farm

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July is prime time in Mother Nature’s eyes. Many of our favorite plants are in full bloom. A favorite of many is lavender. A gorgeous scent that keeps us feeling relaxed! in Boyne City is home to 13,000 lavender plants. With 27 varieties spraying across the hilly landscape, it’s a view that’s hard to beat. 

Lavender thrives in Northern Michigan because of our “soil”… A.K.A. sand. “I could stand here all day water. The water would run right through so it helps not drown our plants,” explains Maya Lenz, a tour guide and field worker at the farm. 

10 of the 33 acres on this property are already blooming with these beautiful bunches but there’s always room to expand. We take a short golf cart ride to what they call the “back 40”. Here there are 2,500-3,000 new plants establishing their roots. “It’s almost the size of a football field— super exciting and in a couple years it’ll be an entire field of purple,” says Lenz. 

Something you may notice if you choose to visit the farm is their plot signs. These are all named after influential women on the farm. The oldest and most beautiful is the Erin plot. Lenz explains, “It is named after the owner’s wife — so he’s a smart man. Naming the most beautiful plot after his wife.”

On the tour you will see their dry house and distillery where they turn their harvest lavender into products. There is a gift shop on-site in their barn where they have everything you can possibly imagine made out of lavender. 

This is not only a beautiful place to spend a day but is a great community space. From weddings to workshops, they have it all. This year they’re celebrating the barn’s 100th birthday with a concert. This is one of many concerts you can attend yet this season. 

Another fan favorite is their Friday Fun-Day. Here they have workshops, food trucks, live music, etc. On Monday evenings you can treat the whole family to a movie night with concessions and a bonfire. Wednesdays are Lavender Lunch days. Here you can expect a catered box lunch by the Lake Street Market and all of the meals have lavender incorporated into them. 

If you are more of a morning person and like to relax there’s an option for you as well. They offer yoga and Tai Chi classes weekly at the farm as well. 

For more information on Lavender Hill Farm and the countless events they host each summer, . 

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