State Leaders Say Federal Agents Are Not Welcome To Control Protests

Detroit has seen protests over the last two months but not to the tipping point that has been going on in other cities.07 25 20 Gilchrist On Covid Sot 11.transfer

That did not stop President Donald Trump from including Detroit on a list of cities he was going to be sending federal agents.

The president says he expects to send the agents to Detroit in the coming weeks to help keep the peace during protests.

Today, Lt. Gov. Garland Gilchrist told 9&10 News this was a bad idea and federal agents would not be welcome here to control protests.

“For the president to escalate and incite violence in the state of Michigan and the city of Detroit by inserting people they are not coming in as unarmed negotiators,” Gilchrist says. “These are people coming in with the intention to do damage and to do harm in communities. I think that is very problematic and it set a dangerous precedent in Portland.”

Gilchrist says the state is looking into any actions they can use to prevent the federal agents from coming.