Pres. Trump Doubles Down on Sending Federal Officers to More Cities

07 23 20 Trump Policing Vo.transfer

President Trump is continuing to push his plans forward on sending federal officers into cities across the U.S.

The program is called Operation Legend and the purpose is to send federal law enforcement to cities to stop crime.

Wednesday night in Portland, federal law enforcement officers sprayed protesters with tear gas, including Mayor Ted Wheeler.

Now the White House has deployed more than 200 officers to Kansas City and 35 to Albuquerque. And the president says the next place he’s sending federal officers to is Chicago.

“We will use federal law enforcement to vigorously charge federal crimes and support these besieged communities to the greatest extent possible. This will be hard, painstaking work,” the president said.

The White House does not need approval from local officials to assist local police. But some mayors are pushing back.

Chicago’s mayor is calling the president’s move a diversion.  And several mayors of big cities sent a letter to the Trump administration demanding withdrawal of federal forces in Portland, Oregon, calling it an “abuse of power.”

Members of Congress are calling for an investigation into the program.