COVID-19 Vaccine Creater Pfizer Makes Deal with White House

07 23 2020 Mtm Federal Covid Response Vo

Wednesday, during President Trump’s coronavirus briefing, he announced the White House came to an agreement with the drug company Pfizer, which is testing a COVID-19 vaccine.

He says they came to agreement with Pfizer to produce and deliver a 100 million doses of its vaccine, immediately following its approval.

President Trump also says there is a national testing strategy but it is up to the governors of the states.

On Capitol Hill, Congress continues to negotiate another coronavirus relief bill.

The White House says it wants it passed by the end of the next week.

However, Republicans don’t agree on what should be on the bill and Democrats say they’re waiting to see the GOP proposal.

Both sides agree they want to continue the enhanced unemployment benefit program, but it is likely to be reduced from the current $600 a week.

White House Coronavirus Task Force member Dr. Anthony Fauci warns its possible COVID-19 will never be fully eradicated. However, health experts are saying it is highly unlikely you can be re-infected with the virus.

California hit a new single day record on Wednesday, reporting 12,000 new cases. Bringing the amount of total confirmed cases there to 400,000. Now California is surpassing New York in confirmed cases.

Florida and Texas are both reporting more than 300,000 cases since the pandemic began.

More places are now taking more precautions to help fight the pandemic. Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota, Baltimore and Washington D.C. are the latest to mandate wearing face masks in public spaces.

The NFL announced if there is a season, fans will be required to wear a face mask at all games.

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