Despite Low Death Risk, State Stresses Mask For Young Michiganders

Within the number of COVID-19 cases in Michigan, the age groups with the highest rate of positive tests have been ages 20-29 and 30-39.

But this younger crowd has not been a major factor in the death numbers.

“We just need to be careful and think about how our individual actions and choices, as young people, how those interactions can really impact potentially others in our community,” says Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist.Garlin On Covid Pic

Being a novel virus, not much is known about COVID-19, but one trend that has been constant is younger people tend to handle the virus well.

“I think we just have to have a proper standard,” says Lt. Gov. Gilchrist, “The standard is not whether you die, the standard is not whether you are put in the hospital. I don’t want people to get sick in the first place.”

But just because one isn’t devastated by the virus, doesn’t mean they can’t easily pass it on to somebody who may be unable to fight it off. While most young people will beat it easily, nothing is guaranteed.

“Importantly we don’t know what will happen when it interacts with a given person’s body,” says Gilchrist, “You could get this and not have symptoms. You could get this and get really sick.”

So the state continues to stress masking up, especially this younger crowd. Especially as a good number of them return to school soon, thousands picked on college campuses.

“One person can spread the virus to a lot of people,” says Gilchrist, “We all have to be working together and comply to maximize the safety of everyone around us.”

Michigan is seeing their second spike right now but other states, that were more lax with their reopening and mask usage, are much worse off than Michigan ever wants to be.

“We have made different choices in Michigan in our response,” says Gilchrist, “That has reflected those better choices in a positive way.”

Even more so here in Northern Michigan where the reopening has been a success, so far.

“I think that is representative of the fact that the majority of people, the overwhelming majority of people, in Northern Michigan have been doing what they need to do,” says Gilchrist, “To slow the spread of the virus.”

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