Consumers Energy: Saving Energy During the Summer, and Beyond

The weather here in Michigan is always unpredictable. Previous summers have lasted much longer than normal, and with that in mind – homeowners are wondering how to keep both the temps Thermostatand their energy bills low.

Here are some tips and tricks from our friends at Consumers Energy to help us save some money.

Upgrade your thermostat. Consumers Energy is still offering Nest smart thermostats through the end of July. This offer is part of Consumers Energy’s Clean Energy Plan, which will eliminate coal and achieve net-zero carbon emissions, and help lower your bill. Click here for more information.

There is also a free ‘home energy analysis‘ that Consumers offers. This program starts with an online survey that helps determine if your appliances, light fixtures, etc. are energy efficient. From there, a specialist will contact you virtually, and chat with you about improving the comfort of your home and how some of these tweaks can help you save.

Lastly, there are lots of little changes you can make today to save on energy.

  • Close the blinds during the day.
  • Only concentrate on cooling the rooms you spend the most time in.
  • Use fans when you can.
  • When cooking, try to opt for cooking outside. Ovens and stoves tend to heat up the house.

For more energy-saving tips and tricks from Consumers Energy, click here.

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