China Vows Retaliation After US Orders Closure of Houston Consulate

07 23 20 China Consulate Vo

China is vowing retaliation against the U.S. after the international relationship quickly deteriorated over the last 24-hours.

This comes after the u-s gave china a 72-hour notice to close its consulate in Houston, Texas.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the decision is in response to China stealing intellectual property.

The U.S. Justice Department also indicted two Chinese hackers accused of targeting U.S. COVID-19 vaccine data.

”We are setting out clear expectations for how the Chinese Communist Party is going to behave. And when they don’t. We’re gonna take action to protect the American people protect our security our national security, and also protect our economy and jobs,” Pompeo said.

Secretary Pompeo is urging Britain to join in an alliance to hold the Chinese government accountable.

He says he wants to see every nation who understands freedom and democracy to understand the threat the Communist Party of China is posing to them.