Norte Holds Solidarity ‘Slow Roll‘ for Social Justice

On Wednesday, Norte in Traverse City called on bike riders in the community to join them on one of their summer slow rolls, but Wednesday’s ride had a special purpose.

“This time we’re partnering with the Northern Michigan Anti Racism Task Force,” said Norte Advocacy Director, Garry Howe.  “Do a solidarity slow roll, and amplify what they’re talking about in terms of equality for all.”

Norte teamed up with Marshall Collins, a member of the Northern Michigan Anti Racism Task Force, in order to open up the conversation about race in the community. And the support was overwhelming.

Collins says, “It’s nice when you stand for something and you see the community come out to really support you and back you, to show that you’re not standing alone, I guess today we’re not riding alone.”

He says Wednesday night’s ride is about standing together for social justice and creating a space where hard conversations are able to happen.

“It’s some heavy work but ya know we’re together and we have strong shoulders and we’re strong willed people and we’re going to keep pushing until we get what’s right,” said Collins.

Collins feels Traverse City is the perfect place to start.

“Our main focus is social justice around the country- in and around the world, and I see no reason why Traverse City can’t start and be a leader in it,” said Collins.90cb08ab Feee 4c8a 8c3e 2252b8bc59f5

With Norte standing behind them, Howe says, “Drawing people together to have a discussion about racism in this community… Yeah, that’s easy for us to support.”

Norte says they look forward to having a partnership with the task force in the future.