Healthy Living: New & Improved Donated Lungs

Cancer, COPD, fibrosis, there are many reasons why someone may need a lung transplant.

But thousands of people waiting will never get one in time. 07 22 20 Hl Donated Lungs Pkg 5.transfer

In fact, 80% of the lungs that are donated for possible transplants are discarded due to poor function or disease.

Now, a new innovative procedure can restore compromised, donated lungs, and help save more lives.

Courtney Hunter explains in Healthy Living.

There’s no additional risk to the patient receiving a perfused lung and rejection rates have not increased.

In 2017, the most recent year where numbers were available, 1,300 people were on the waiting list for lungs.

More than 300 died waiting for a suitable organ.

Livers and kidneys are also being perfused and Dr. McCurry hopes to begin perfusing intestines and other organs in the future.

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