GTPulse: Traverse City Yoga Studio Offering Free August Classes To All Essential Workers

It’s been a long few months since our world changed in March. We’ve all taken on new adaptations to daily life with wearing masks and practicing social distancing. We’ve instilled new protocols in our workplaces, and I think it’s not a stretch to say we’re all working with a little more stress in our day to day lives. Whether you’re back to work or not, the people who provided essential work during quarantine deserve all the love and Jessica Merwin-Scott wants to do her part by thanking all essential workers with a free month of yoga classes at her Traverse City studio New Moon Yoga next month.

The benefits of yoga stretch far and wide. Not only does it aid in increased mobility, it’s been known to alleviate some chronic pain, improve respiration and energy levels, and even offset the effects of depression and anxiety. There are several specialized forms of yoga, and Jessica has a teaching license in Kundalini.

“Kundalini yoga focuses on using our physical body to access our energetic body. It uses movement, breath and sound and meditation all in one class to do that. It’s a really powerful form of yoga. It stimulates the immune system, the nervous system and the glandular system.”

Although Kundalini is what Jessica teaches, her studio has a host of dedicated yoga instructors who teach all different forms of the practice. From less physically demanding classes that focus on releasing tension, to classes that will get you warm, there’s something for everyone.

Who better and more deserving to take some time out of their schedule for some much-needed self-care than essential workers? Every time I cautiously ventured out to a grocery store during quarantine I couldn’t help but feel emotional. The workers looked tired, frazzled, and worn down by customers who looked the same. I was lucky enough to not need to see any healthcare workers, but I’ve heard the stories of heartbreak they’ve had to endure, and the long hours. Essential workers may have all had different looking workdays, but some of their experience was the same; aching feet, mask-imprinted faces, and emotional exhaustion.

Jessica took over New Moon Yoga as owner in February 2019.

“I had just set an intention the month before to have a studio of my own where I could do kundalini yoga and chakra dance and it felt like a right fit. It was very timely because I had just finished my teacher’s training so I was all ready to be a yoga teacher.”

She also loved the space that New Moon Yoga provided.

“I loved the studio. It was my favorite one in town. It just has this sacred feel to it.”

The space is a calming one, but also an accepting one. For anyone who feels nervous or unsure of going to a new studio or place, Jessica radiates kindness and warmth that touches anyone in a class. New Moon is truly a place of no judgments.

The indoor studio is large with a wall of windows to let in fresh, outdoor air, but to those who don’t feel comfortable taking a class indoors, New Moon will also have outdoor classes on the calendar in August. Anyone from beginners to advanced level students are encouraged to attend. The only qualifications you need is being an essential worker and a willingness to stretch, relax and take care of yourself.

To get the month-long pass, all you have to do is email Jessica at She’ll put your name down and you’ll have access to all of the studio’s August classes. Be good to yourself.

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