Gitche Crisp: Cereal Bar Makes it’s Way to Downtown Traverse City

Traverse City’s Front St. is filled with amazing shops and local businesses that are coming up with innovative ways to get people in their doors. Gitche Gumee, a clothing, and accessory company is The Four Cereal Bar.transfernow offering a new experience in their store— a Cereal Bar. They are offering 12 different flavors of cereal, several milk options, toppings, and Moomer’s ice-cream. The perfect on-the-go stop for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  

Michael Wahlstrom, the owner of Gitche Gumee explains, “Our customers can pick and choose up to two cereals and toppings and mix it up together and then eat it out on the patio or right here, inside.”

They have signature bowls for sale that are named after chain restaurants. You’ve got “Apple Bay’s”, “Beni Ha-Has”, “Oliver’s Garden” and “Red Flobsta”. Wahlstrom says, “We urge our customers to mix and match their own combinations based on what their favorites are and, and if they want just a regular serving of two of their favorites, we do that as well.”

If this is something you’re hoping to try, visit Gitche Gumee at 319 Front St. in Traverse City or click here for more information on their apparel. 


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