Parallel 45: Outdoor Theatre Camp for Aspiring Actors

“Camp is always important. Theatre is always important, but right now especially.”Theatre Camp

Parallel 45 Theatre in Traverse City is hosting an Outdoor Theatre Adventure Camp. Each week they’re welcoming aspiring actors and actresses to learn the foundations of performance. 

Although things look a little differently in the year 2020, this camp went off without a hitch. “I’m really excited just because I get to be with a bunch of people that I haven’t met before and because it’s just because of coming out of my home for a while,” explains rising fifth-grade student, Mia Oosterhouse. 

Each week students take part in traditional theatre games as well as work towards their final performance. These group is working on making their own renditions of classic fairytales. Fairytales that have a timely twist. “we’re doing it as a coronavirus mix so it’s staying 6 feet apart and talking about the coronavirus in the story,” explains Oosterhouse. 

For more information on Parallel 45 Theatre, click here. 

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