Manitou Mysteries Shipwreck Adventures: The W.C. Kimball Schooner

If you’d like a little mystery and history in our life, there’s a local zoom presentation happening Wednesday, July 22 @ 7 PM highlighting the W.C. Kimball schooner shipwreck.W C Kimball

This virtual presentation is hosted by the Leelanau Historical Society and will be presented by author and shipwreck hunter, Ross Richardson. Richardson is responsible for the discovery of the Westmoreland shipwreck, and now he will be talking about his latest find, the W.C. Kimball schooner.

The W.C. Kimball went missing in 1891, and was found at the bottom of the Manitou Passage. The Manitou Mysteries Shipwreck Adventures zoom will feature underwater footage of the wreck and other stories about Richardson’s adventures.

Click here to register for the event.

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