Good Reads from Brillant Books – ‘Dining In’ by Alison Roman

Many people were forced to find ways to keep their minds and palettes entertained during the lockdown. This included finding new recipes, trying different foods, and getting crafty in the kitchen Diing Indue to lack of ingredients, and the fears of dining out. 

In the early months of COVID-19, there was a surge in the cookbook sales all over online bookstores. “There are so many cookbooks on the bestseller list right now,” said bookseller and literary critic, Anthony Ascione. “We’re undergoing something of an artisan baking revolution, and people are making their own starters, and exploring all sorts of fun things to do in the kitchen”.

One of the best selling cookbooks that Anthony highly recommends is Dining In by Alison Roman.

This has got some of the most delicious looking recipes in it that I’ve seen recently,” explained Anthony. “A lot of these recipes are based on childhood recipes of the author’s own. They’re all fairly simple things”. 

Dining In was originally published in 2017, but it is needed more than ever. The author, Alison Roman has created something that will help spice up our mundane meals with recipe ideas fit for any skill level. The cookbook features 125 easy and simple recipes, and reads as if Roman was in your kitchen explaining how to make a meal. Each section is filled with jokes, memories, and opinions – almost like her social media pages.

“You may find yourself trying something completely new just because you looked at one of her photos in the book,” Anthony said. “Butter roasted radishes? The photo made it look so good, I tried it, and wow – this is worth the buy”.

To get your hands on a copy of Dining In by Alison Roman head to Brilliant Books book store in Traverse City, or click here to order online.

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