Author Spotlight: ‘The Legend of the Cherry Queens’ by Sally Meese

Author, Sally Meese, and illustrator, Mollie Moody are the talented ladies behind the Cherry Queen float in the Leland Fourth of July Parade. Meese would walk around as a cherry queen, 104924087 170219851333412 5075871389104975244 Oand the children would come up and ask questions about cherries. From there a sweet poem was formed, and then ultimately the book, The Legend of the Cherry Queens was created.

“My whole life – I’ve been in love with cherries,” expressed Meese. “This book is meant to entertain and educate. There are a lot of great facts about cherries, and it’s cherry farmer approved”.

The Legend of the Cherry Queens is told from the viewpoint of a cherry, and the obstacles they must overcome. The story is both hilarious and informative – while featuring the fun and fanciful illustrations of artist, Mollie Moody.

“I want children, and adults, to understand how difficult it is for cherry farmers, and what a perilous journey it is for a cherry blossom to become one cherry,” said Meese. “I don’t want anybody to take it for granted. I think I assumed cherries would always be here, and they’re facing a very difficult time right now, and I just want people to love cherries appreciate the farmers and eat more cherries”.

The book is ‘Michigan Made’ – the author and illustrator are both from Michigan, and the publishing company, Mission Point Press is based in Traverse City.

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