Artist Profile: Allen Maciag

The Mitten is home to many independent and talented artists. We met painter – Allen Maciag and learned more about the inspiration behind his landscape themed works in this ‘Artist Profile’.Artist Profiles Allen

Who are you?

“My name is Allen Maciag and I’m from Midland Michigan.”

How did you get started?

“l started in college, and it was a teacher that inspired me to pursue art. I was going to be a psychologist at first. I had to take a humanities class and just took drawing, and I continued on after that. I went into art education and got my master’s from Central Michigan in art education.”

What are your favorite mediums?

“I painted with acrylics, and I was an outdoor painter, they dried too fast in the summer. And so then I switched to oils – which I was never that good at because they get muddy. But I kept plowing through and figured out what colors to use – so I’m an oil painter.”

What inspires you?

I like rural things because I taught in the Frankenmuth rural areas, and live that near there. So, that is what artists do – you interpret the things you know. 

What do you hope people get from your pieces?

When they’re staring at my paintings and they don’t say anything, I know it’s a good deal. A lot of them say they wish they could just walk into it, they feel a part of it. 

To learn more about Allen Maciag and his works of art, click here.

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