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Tin Can Tourists: Traverse City Couple Restores Vintage Trailers

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There’s nothing quite like taking a nice long road trip— especially in 2020. With many travel plans canceled, this is the perfect way to explore the United States with no agenda.

One couple in Northern Michigan is hitting the road in style. Tom and Mary Mills from Traverse City are the proud owners of three vintage trailers, each unique in design. Four years ago the couple was hoping to take a road trip out west for a long vacation when they started looking for trailers they simply lacked character. “we just wanted something kind of cool and we heard about vintage trailers,” explains Tom Mills. 

From there they were hooked. They are now members of , a national organization connecting people from all walks-of-life over their shared love of vintage trailers. 

The two trailers shown on today’s show were the Holly and the Trotwood. The Holly’s theme is Route 66 and the Trotwood’s theme is Disney. “We chose us because we are Disney fans and ’55 was when the Mouseketeer Club started— the same year that Disneyland open,” explains Mary Mills.

If you would like more information on the organization Tin Can Tourists, .


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