Petoskey Residents Cleaning Up After Severe Storms Rip Through Town

“I was born and raised here and we have never seen anything like this before."

Several Northern Michigan towns are cleaning up after being hit hard by Saturday’s severe weather.

Northern Michigan’s News Leader was on the ground in Petoskey for their cleanup efforts.  Tree

“Once the winds picked up, it was kind of just watching the devastation happen right before your eyes,” said Petoskey resident Matt Rothfuss.

His neighbor’s car was hit by a limb and their street was blocked by another large limb.

“It’s something you never think would happen,” Rothfuss said. “We been through many storms before, this one just takes the cake.”

Around the corner, there were more limbs on cars and large trees completely uprooted.

Just across the street the Kolinski family is cleaning up after a tree branch fell, ripping through their gutters.

“I was born and raised here and we have never seen anything like this before,” said Heidi Kolinski.

Over on Waukazoo Street, a tree blocked the street hanging on downed lines.

“That wind was just a howling like crazy,” said Roy Pulaski.

A large limb fell in Pulaski’s driveway, damaging a portion of his garage.

“We opened it up, couldn’t see our garage windows because the tree was across the whole front of the garage,” Pulaski said.

Moving downtown, one building was left heavily damaged with large pieces blown right off.

City employees were quick to start cleaning up the devastation in Pennsylvania Park.

“We’re moving fast on this park, if you saw it three hours ago it was disaster,” said Petoskey Mayor John Murphy.

Murphy was one of the many volunteers out cleaning things up.

“We’ve had no injuries at all, no fatalities, no injuries, we are very fortunate,” Murphy said. “We’re still waiting on a determination rather it was actually a tornado, wind shear, (or ) what it was that came through.”

He says he’s also thankful for the people of Petoskey.

“It is amazing the kind of people we have in the city of Petoskey,” Murphy said. “The way people have come together and pitched in as neighbors, all I can say is God bless Petoskey.”