GTPulse: A Year Here

GTPulse is just over a year old. We've had such a good time telling your stories and can't wait to see what this next year brings. Here are some photos from the past year. Thanks for being here.

Oftentimes when I talk to someone about their first experience with northern Michigan it was “love at first sight.” I did not fall in love with Grand Traverse the first time I came here. It was for a wedding, mid-July, in the thick of tourist season. The beach was too busy, the restaurant waits too long, and any small thing that could go wrong did. The wedding was on top of a hill overlooking a cherry orchard in May and it was so cold that the string musicians supposed to play the bride down the aisle said that they couldn’t due to concern over their instruments cracking. So, we all froze our butts off sitting on bales of hay in silence, surrounded by bare cherry trees. “I’m good,” I thought to myself on planning any personal vacation trips up here. There are far less crowded places to go that are just as pretty. What I hadn’t seen on that trip was what M-22 on a summer morning with good coffee and a better playlist looks like. Or how good an outdoor breakfast at Frenchies tastes on a day with nothing else to do. What it looks like to hike and explore all the outdoor beauty here. What it feels like. I feel differently as a resident living here then I did as a tourist visiting and I’m grateful for that.

It’s been just over a year. I moved here on June 1st and it felt like a brand new sheet of lined notebook paper. A place I’ve never lived with people I hadn’t met. I like New Year’s Eve so much because it gives off this feeling of newness and hope and being able to start over. I felt all of that being here.

My first interview I ever did as a professional journalist was with a young woman running for cherry queen. We met at Horizon Books and my hands were shaky I was so nervous. She greeted me with a shaky voice and 15 minutes into our conversation I was relieved when she said, “I’m sorry. I’m so nervous. I’ve never done this before.” I said, “Me too.”

I take great pleasure in writing this column. My editor indulges almost every idea I have, even the more outlandish, and I’m constantly inspired by the talents of my colleagues.

When I first started there were a lot of sleepless nights, and honestly? There still are. But a year ago it was because I felt so unsure. Each town has it’s own heartbeat and magic that’s all it’s own and I know that the people who live here and love this place feel protective of that. It’s been reassuring to meet so many strangers who have quickly turned into friends.

I’ve taken care to tell the stories of folks who do things they’re passionate about. Artists, farmers, business owners, dreamers, do gooders and idea creators have all inspired the columns you’ve seen over this past year. I’ve been blessed enough to tell their stories for others to enjoy just as much as I have.

2020 hasn’t felt good or happy for any of us, but it hasn’t changed my passion for this place that we call home and the people that make it so unique. Anytime I’m getting moody or down about something, I’m just a walk or drive away from remembering how incredible it is to live somewhere so serene, and I feel better.

So I’m going to keep on doing just that. Loving this place and being able to tell stories about it and the people who call it home. I’m always open to suggestions, random thoughts, or a friendly hello.

Thanks for being along for the ride and letting me be a friend of yours.

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