Governor Whitmer Signs Order Strengthening, Clarifying Mask Requirement

Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed an executive order Friday strengthening and clarifying her previous order requiring all Michiganders to wear a mask in indoor public spaces and crowded outdoor spaces.

Under the new order, businesses cannot assume that an unmasked customer cannot medically tolerate a face covering, though they can accept a customer’s verbal representation to that effect.

The new order also requires public safety officers to wear a face covering unless doing so would seriously interfere in the performance of their responsibilities.

The order also clarifies that wearing a mask at a polling place for the purpose of voting is not required, but still strongly recommended.

Those exempt from wearing a face covering in public spaces and crowded outdoor spaces include people who:

  • Are younger than five years old;
  • Cannot medically tolerate a face covering;
  • Are eating or drinking while seated at a food service establishment;
  • Are exercising when wearing a face covering would interfere in the activity; or
  • Are at a polling place for purposes of voting in an election.

You can read the full executive order here.

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