Tourism Industry Hopes To Stay Afloat In 2020

The travel industry is trying to stay afloat during weather challenges, budget cuts and a pandemic.

Heading in to the tourism season, officials were worried about lake erosion and cuts to the Pure Michigan campaign as reasons for a tough summer.

Then COVID-19 arrived and put a halt to almost everything.Travel In Covid Pic

Despite sports, concerts and festivals being cancelled, the tourist spots are starting to reopen and people are traveling.

After years of record growth, Travel Michigan is hoping to at least finish the summer strong and at least tread water.

“I’m hoping that we will be about 55% of our business from last year,” says Dave Lorenz of Travel Michigan, “If we get to about that 55% level, most of our businesses are going to be able to stay alive this year. This is a year just to survive, not thrive. We can get to growth next year.”

Lorenz also hopes for a longer travel season. One that goes deeper into the Fall as people wait for conditions to improve.

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