Eviction Diversion Program Helps Support Landlords with Tenants Behind on Rent

The Michigan State Housing Development Authority says its Eviction Diversion Program will set aside $50 million to help tenants who can’t make ends meet because of COVID-19, keeping them in their homes.

Northwest Michigan Coaltion to End Homelessness Director Ashley Halladay-Schmandt says, “We’re hopeful that local relief efforts along side of state and federal funded sources will really be able to meet the need of folks who are facing a hard time.”

Michigan’s moratorium on evictions ended on Thursday.

The Northwest Michigan Coaltion to End Homelessness is working along side the district court to make the new Eviction Diversion Program successful, and the coalition wants to keep the relationship growing.

“Some of our service providers who are members of our coalition are going to be tasked with meeting pretty regularly with district court representatives in this Eviction Diversion process,” said Halladay-Schmandt.

The program keeps tenants from getting evicted when they’re behind on rent. It also forgives late fees.

In exchange, the landlords will get a lump sum from the Coronavirus Relief Funding.

Goodwill Industries of Northern Michigan says this program will help people who are falling through the cracks.

“We’re hoping that the Eviction Diversion Program hopefully prevents some evictions and prevents the influx of homelessness that could happen due to this,” says Goodwill Industries of Northern Michigan Outreach and Housing Navigation Manager, Ryan Hannon.4c95bcc3 3bde 4122 976e 8112e7a366ed

He says right now the biggest factor is connecting those struggling to the correct resources.

Hannon says,” They don’t expect helps going to be there. Or they’ve given up because the systems have failed them so many times. So we have to come alongside them.”

The Eviction Diversion Program will start on July 16.

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