Congressman Bergman Speaks On Mask Use And Federal Funding

Michigan seems to be a at a crucial point in the fight against COVID-19. After an early spike, the state dropped numbers across the board but now they are creeping back up.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer put forth a mask mandate to turn the tide but compliance has been an issue.

“Some people just aren’t gonna listen no matter what you do,” says Congressman Jack Bergman, “You can’t legislate morality and you can’t legislate behavior.”Bergman Pic

It’s become a partisan issue. Wearing a mask and maybe more directly, being forced to do so by executive order.

“It’s about personal responsibility,” says Rep. Bergman, “Knowing what your personal situation is and taking responsibility for your actions.”

Opponents to Gov. Whitmer say it is an attack on their rights. Rep. Bergman says the government should not be mandating masks but individuals must look out for each other.

“We are a nation of individual rights,” says Bergman, “Which you do not have the right to infringe on the rights of others.”

That means taking an extra step, even if you may not agree.

“My advice to anybody is if you’re sick, stay home,” says Bergman, “If you’re in a place and the rule says wear a mask, then wear a mask and social distance.”

The pandemic had already been very costly for Michigan. Whitmer says the state won’t be able to pay for their emergency actions and loss of revenue on their own.

“If something works for Michigan, do it,” says Bergman, “But don’t expect the federal government to fund all of your unique efforts.”

Bergman heads back to Washington DC next week and expects to vote on stimulus bills. That’s his role in the fight. He expects all other Michiganders to do theirs.

“We’re gonna get through this because we as American people will inherently do the right thing,” says Bergman, “For the right reason.”

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