Wexford Co. Board of Commissioners Approve New Plan for Octagonal Building

A historic building in Cadillac is looking for a chance at new life.

The Octagonal Building has been standing for over a century.

In the last decade, many have tried to find a new use for the building, but a Wednesday’s Wexford County Board of Commissioners meeting, one group brought a possible solution to the table.

Veterans Saving Veterans proposed a plan to move the building to the Veterans Community Park, restore it, and use it for community activities and programs.

“The Veterans Serving Veterans organization has offered to secure the building, fundraise for it, and move into the Veterans Park for the community to enjoy,” said long-time community advocate, Crystal Johnson.

“We have 55 acres here and we already had plans for an indoor pavilion in the park and it was cost us more to build a new building than it would to move and restore the octagon building and preserve that history in Cadillac,” said Roger Bandeem, who works within Veterans Saving Veterans, during the commissioner meeting.

The board approved the plan for the building with a 9-0 vote, which gives VsV up to two years to move the building.

The organization is very excited to continue the legacy of the Octagonal Building and add it to their park.

“To be able to bring something historic to the park that means so much to so many people you know generations over, to be able to bring that building back to life gives me goosebumps,” said Susan Marcum, president of Veterans Serving Veterans Park.

To see plans for the park or learn more about VsV, you can visit their website.