Traverse City’s DNR Lacking Funds to Keep Up Supply Road Gun Range

At the DNR  gun range, it doesn’t take long for the targets to get worn out or totally destroyed.

But because of the pandemic, the state doesn’t have money to fix it up.

The Traverse City DNR manager is facing a funding freeze and has no capital to replace target equipment at the gun range on Supply Road.

Dozens of shooters visit every day and usually the target backboards get replaced once a month.

There’s no money right now, so the equipment will have to be used until November, if they can hold on that long.

“If we’re not able to change things out things are going to become raggedy,” said Dave Lemmien, the Traverse City DNR unit manager. “If they are willing and able to donate material i would gladly accept donations.”

They need donations of plywood and chicken wire. Specifically 4×8 sheets of ¾” plywood, 4x4x8 foot wooden, untreated posts, and rolls of chicken wire 3-feet wide. If you can help, contact Dave at

Image credit: DNR Michigan