Special Report: Pinky’s Classics Part 1

A lot of cars fill the parking lot and showroom of Classic Chevrolet in Lake City.

While they’re each unique and special in their own way, this 2020 Cajun red Chevy impala is a little extra special.

It’s the very last one, ever made.

Rolling off General Motor’s assembly line in Detroit before rolling into Northern Michigan.

“I have never sold the last car of any line and I’ve been in business, well I’ve been with Chevrolet for 27 years,” said co-owner of Classic Chevrolet, Terry Corrigan.

A car this special, couldn’t go to just anyone.

“So that’s the last one huh? That’ll be the last one for me too at my age,” said Pinky.

Meet Pinky Randall.

“Never had a red car before,” he said.Pinky's Classics Part 1

A World War II and Korean War veteran, staple of the Houghton Lake community and Chevrolet’s biggest fan.

“That is one beautiful car,” said Pinky.

At 92 years young, he’s owned just a few cars over the years.

“Just under 200, 180 of them have been Chevrolet’s,” he said.

So when Pinky heard about Chevy’s plans to discontinue its impala line, he knew he had to be the one behind the wheel.

“He mentioned to me, he said you think it’s possible? I said anything’s possible Pinky if we try, so let’s try,” said Terry.

Terry secured the “Final 1” for Pinky.

“I can think of nobody else more deserving than Pinky Randall to get this car,” said Terry.

And this isn’t Pinky’s first last car.

“Back in ‘96, they quit making the SS, I drove that one off the assembly line in Texas,” said Pinky.

While he wasn’t able to drive this one off the assembly line, it was still a special moment for this automobile enthusiast.

“This is the third car that really has meant a lot to me,” he said.

Driving it home for the first time.

A lot has changed since Pinky’s love of everything Chevrolet started, when he was just four years old.

“I mean this cars got features none of our other cars ever had,” he said. “I don’t know all the features of this one because I have not read the manual yet, I have not had time.”

But one thing hasn’t.

“I’ve just always been a Chevy guy and I don’t know who named me Mr. Chevrolet but I’m known all over the country and the world as Mr. Chevrolet,” said Pinky.

A nickname, well earned.

With a collection to prove it, that you just have to see to believe.

“Wait until you see our garage and storage area here it’s something different,” he said. “Different than most collectors

You’ll want to see that garage and storage area, filled with Pinky’s collection that spans nine decades.

Truly showing how he earned the name — Mr. Chevy.

Catch Pinky’s Classics Part 2 on Thursday.