NMC Confirms Maritime Academy Cadet with COVID-19

A cadet in Northwestern Michigan College’s Maritime Academy tested positive for COVID-19.

The cadet was one of the ten in isolation at NMC’S East Hall.

The ten students began self isolating on July 6th before planning to set out on a training cruise.

NMC took the precaution to quarantine the students to make sure there was no chance of out break on the ship.041a6c71 82cf 4d38 B852 B4815ae1323a

The students tested for COVID on Friday, and the results came back on Wednesday.

NMC says they’re working with the health department to keep this singular case contained.

Northwestern Michigan College’s Executive Director of public relations, Diana Fairbanks says, “It’s an example of the safety procedures that we have in place, and that they’re working. Unfortunately, for this person though, they did test positive for COVID-19”

NMC says the students are going to go through another period of at least ten days of isolation before they head into the ship.

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