Mount Pleasant Police Investigating Homicide

The Mount Pleasant Police Department is investigating a homicide after they found a man dead and another wounded. Mp Homicide

Officers arrived at a mobile home around 3 a.m. Wednesday morning. When they arrived, they found 33-year-old Chad Kuzma from Mount Pleasant dead.

“He was my baby,” says Kuzma’s aunt Dixie Greer from Mio.

At 2:53 Wednesday morning, officers responded to a shooting at house in the Mount Pleasant Mobile Home Village.

Mount Pleasant Information Officer Autume Balcom says, “This is a shock to the community; we don’t get a lot of crime like this so we try to take this and investigate to the fullest and of course we want the community to feel safe at all times.”

Greer says she was heartbroken when she got the call about her nephew:

“[My brother] says I’ve got bad news sis and I said oh my God what, he says it’s Chatter.”

Emmett Searles lives across the street, he says he no longer feels safe in the neighborhood:

“It worries me more that I live close to this because they could have gotten the wrong house and I could have gotten blown away or something, it’s not a good feeling.”

Officer Balcom says there is not a threat to the general public, and they are looking for any leads that could help them identify the shooter.

“They’re interviewing anybody who may have seen anything within the area, friends, family and of course we have had tips coming in, so they’re following up on all of those tips,” says Balcom.

Greer and her family are waiting for an arrest, while they deal with this tragedy.

“My nephew was a white boy in his mid 30s on social security with a disabled mind and they killed him.”

The Mount Pleasant Police Department also found a 25-year old from Mount Pleasant with a gunshot wound at the home. He has since been released from the hospital.

If you have any information in regards to this incident, please contact the Mount Pleasant Police Department’s anonymous tip line at 989-779-9111 or Isabella County Central Dispatch at 989-773-1000.