Gov. Whitmer Turns To Top College Coaches For Face Mask Support

Governor Gretchen Whitmer held her first press conference since her mask mandate went into effect.

It has been very controversial so she is now turning to some help in the rivalry it has created.July 15 2 Original

Some people have no problem wearing a mask. Some people physically can’t. A lot of people just refuse to.

The differing opinions have created a rivalry. In order to combat the rivalry, Governor Whitmer is turning to the biggest rivals in the state.

“Do you want our kids to be in school in the fall? We have to wear a mask,” says Michigan State women’s basketball head coach Suzy Merchant, “If you want to see college football in the fall, you have to wear a mask.”

The ball’s in your court, according to a new public service announcement from the state featuring the biggest coaching names at Michigan and Michigan State.

They know that if the numbers don’t change, they won’t have seasons.

July 15 Izzo Original

“We need to make better decisions than we’ve made,” says MSU men’s basketball head coach Tom Izzo, “The rivalries are one thing and we all joke about them we laugh about them but we have to help people understand how important this is.”

While not in line with some other states, Michigan’s numbers are climbing and Gov. Whitmer says it is crucial to reverse thetrend.

“They shouldn’t be political. They shouldn’t be about rivalries. They shouldn’t be about anything other than doing what we need to do to keep ourselves safe, our family safe and our community safe,” says Whitmer.

It’s not just about sports returning but the economy and schools. With 55 days before school is set to begin, many regions are teetering between a phase shift and possibly for the negative.July 15 Merchant 4 Original

“I’m hopeful that in the coming weeks we’re going to see these numbers go down,” says Whitmer, “Perhaps we can solidify at least Phase 4. Maybe even reengage more things in our economy.”

As for potential phase changes, new daily cases per million people is the number the state is watching in each region.

Right now, Traverse City is sitting the best with just 15 positive daily cases per million people, while Grand Rapids is the worst hit at 53.

The state’s chief medical executive, Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, warns that all regions have seen growth over the past month.

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