Twin Puppies Thor, Loki Take Over USCG Instagram

07 11 20 Thor And Loki 1 Get ready for shock and awe.

Two very special members of the U.S. Coast Guard in Northern Michigan are now taking over the national spotlight.

Say hello to the legendary pups Thor and Loki.

In June of 2019, Station Marquette was looking to adopt a puppy from a local shelter.

There, they met the twins.

The boys were just days away from being put down—but are now living their best life with 20 loving crew members.

Thor and Loki spend their days swimming, sleeping, and of course, posing for pictures.

Now the rest of the country gets to love on them as well.

Station Marquette is taking over the official U.S. Coast Guard’s Instagram page for the week.

To check out the twins for yourself, go to


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