Starting Monday, Face Masks Required in Indoor Public Spaces

Under Gov. Whitmer’s new executive order face masks will be required inside public places.

Even though it will be a requirement, some businesses have already had this rule set in place.

Bowers Harbor Vineyards Manager Tyler Becker says, “For us, we haven’t had to change our policy at all. This is something we’ve been doing since we reopened.”

Bowers Harbor Vineyards has been requiring face masks but says the biggest changes they’ve made to accommodate the governor’s order is to make more space.7 12 20 Masks In Public

“We’re really lucky to have so much space here. We can spread people out. Most of the tables are not six feet apart, they’re more like 20 feet apart,” Becker said.

One Traverse City community member says business should be focusing on the social distancing aspect more than monitoring masks, but can understand the reasoning behind it.

Avery Depheret says, “I feel a little bit safer with it but just with the six-foot rules. I don’t really seem like it’s necessary with the mask. It does kind of make a difference, like, if they do have a cough or a sneeze.”

While others feel it help to protect vulnerable communities.

“I think it does. Like, the elderly people, I think it’s like more secure or like safer,” said V.V Lamange.

X-Golf in Traverse City says so far guests have worn their masks and understand that businesses are simply trying to abide by the rules.

“When the doors were closed I think it was harder knowing they couldn’t come in and play. So now knowing that in order to keep the doors open we follow the executive order,” said X-Golf employee Jayme Harper.

The order will go into effect at 12:01 Monday morning, and those failing to comply could be subject to a $500 fine.

The only exceptions are for

  • Children under 5 years old
  • Those who cannot medically tolerate a face-covering
  • Seated diners eating or drinking at a restaurant
  • And worshipers at a church, synagogue, mosque or any other religious facility
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