Supreme Court Rules Over President Trump’s Financial Records

07 09 20 Supreme Court Trump Taxes Vo

There’s finally some answers in a years-long battle over the release of President Trump’s tax returns and financial records.

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the president can block the release of his records to Congress, returning the case back to the lower courts.

But in another case, the Supreme Court upheld New York prosecutors’ demand for President Trump’s tax returns and business records.

The attorney is investigating hush money payments to women who claim they had affairs with the president before he was elected.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts says not even the president is above the common duty to produce evidence.

And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls the ruling a victory.

“The Supreme Court, including the President’s appointees, have declared that he is not above the law. The path that the Supreme Court has laid out is one that is clearly achievable by us in the lower court and we will continue to go down that path,” Pelosi says.

Since the cases are both going back to lower courts, President Trump’s financial documents will most likely not be handed over before the November election.