Sanford Lake Area Discusses What’s Next After Major Disaster Declaration

Months after communities across mid-Michigan were devastated by floods and dam failures, more help is on the way.

This time, from the federal government.

President Trump approved the governor’s request for a major disaster declaration for areas impacted by the failure of the Sanford and Edenville dams.

It frees up more than $40 million in federal funding.

Glenn Moots has spent 19 years living on Sanford Lake. His home is one of hundreds damaged during May’s floods. His days are spent with clean up and repairs.

“It’s very hard to look at, it’s not the same at all, it’s like nobody would have imagined,” said Moots.

Glenn says the money freed up thanks to the major disaster declaration will help, but it’s just a start.

“I think it’s significant because people forget about disasters, so I think it’s good that we’ll have more attention again, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle, we have a lot of non-profits who are doing a lot of good work, we need them to stay, we need the county, state and federal government to stay focused on this area,” said Moots.

The money from the declaration can be used to address a number of needs including road and bridge repairs.

Congressman John Moolenaar says while progress has been made, help will be needed for years to come.

“There are a lot of challenges going forward, people still need shelter, some people are still living in tents some people are still living in hotels, some people are still living with family so between food, shelter there still are needs,” said Moolenaar.

It’s difficult to know exactly what the future holds for Sanford Lake and homeowners like glen, but he says he’s happy to at least be moving forward.

“Don’t forget us, new stories come up, new tragedies come up but we’re still here, we still need help,” said Moots.

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