Retiring Well: Saving for Retirement

Uncertainty in the job market and the stock market has many older workers contemplating retirement.

If that includes you, 9&10 News is the place to turn every weekend.

You can get tips and tricks to help you plan for retirement every Sunday morning at 11:30 on Retiring Well.

This week, they’re talking about how to protect your nest egg and how to take income from it.

The team will talk about different approaches for your savings account, your 401(k) and your IRAs.

They’ll also explain why saving for retirement doesn’t mean you stop spending.

“You’ll find people during these kinds of times will cut back on their spending, but that kind of becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy for the marketplace. Because consumers spend less, corporations do less, the market does less,” explained Larry Flynn, a financial advisor with Centennial Wealth Advisory.

Centennial Wealth Advisory puts on Retiring Well.

You can catch it on 9&10 at 11:30 on Sunday mornings.