Harrison Fire Department Investigates Three Suspicious Fires Within a Week

The Harrison Fire Department is investigating three suspicious fire that all happened within a week.

“I would like to know what’s going on,” says Bonnie Baese of Harrison.

Baese has lived in the apartment complex next to the Long Lake Bar for years, she says to have three fires outside of her home within a week is shocking.

“We’ve never had any problems up here, ever. I’ve worked around here a long time and we’ve never had any problems like this.”

On Sunday, the Harrison Fire Department was called to a vehicle fire. When they arrived they found a truck in flames.

Chief Chris Dambelt says, “Our units arrived, of course extinguished the building first, the truck was totally gone already.”

Then on Tuesday on the same block, Bobby Nicholson, owner of the Long Lake Party Store, found fire damage to his business.

“It’s a miracle it did not burn the whole building down, why it went out, I do not know,” says Nicholson.

But that wasn’t the end of it. On Thursday, Harrison Fire was called to a second vehicle fire behind the apartment complex.

Baese says, It’s a shame, I mean that’s a relic right there, I don’t know it’s too bad.”

Chief Damvelt says each fire has evidence of accelerant fluid:

“So far, nobodies been hurt, but we’re afraid something’s going to happen where something’s going to get burned down and somebody’s going to be inside.”

Baese says she hopes they find whoever’s starting the fires so that she can finally sleep:

“It’s just really a shame because like I said we’ve never had any problems around here. Now you just don’t know what to expect anymore.”

Authorities are offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

If you do have information call the Clare County Sheriff’s Department at 989-539-1336, or contact Arson Control at 1-800-44-ARSON.