Gov. Whitmer Sits Down 1-on-1 To Talk Mask Mandate

In a move to try to slow rising COVID-19 numbers, Governor Gretchen Whitmer strengthened her mask mandate Friday through executive order.

Masks are now required in all public indoor spaces and outdoors when social distancing can’t be established.

Businesses must refuse service to those not complying.Whitmer 1 On 1 Pic

“No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service.”

No service and a possible $500 fine.

That’s what the new executive order from Governor Whitmer will bring.

Adding some teeth to previous orders to avoid Michigan sliding back.

“Our numbers will keep going up and will have to move back into Phase 3,” says Gov. Whitmer, “Our kids won’t be in school this fall and more people will die and the economy will be worse. It’s that simple.”

Governor Whitmer acknowledges masks are not perfect but do drastically lower risk of spread.

“If the non-mask wearer is one of those asymptomatic COVID patients, they are going to infect everybody,” says Whitmer, “That other person, even though they have a mask on, is in much more danger than if the COVID person had a mask on.”

The entire state was on the cusp of a Phase 5 jump before the holiday weekend but the numbers slowly climbed.

“With this aggressive mask mandate, we’re hopeful to stay in Phase 4 if the numbers keep going where we’re headed,” says Whitmer, “It would certainly not bear moving to Phase 5 and it might dictate that we have to move to Phase 3.”

No longer can spikes be attributed to single events like we saw last month.

“They’re big enough now that we are concerned about community spread and that’s why this mask mandate is so important,” says Whitmer.

Michigan is climbing but still much better off than the state was two months ago. And well ahead of several states across the country.

“Ultimately an order doesn’t make the change,” says Whitmer, “It’s human activity so it’s really a tribute to the people of Michigan that we took it seriously and we did what we needed to do.”

Children under five years old and those with medical conditions that make masks difficult are exempt. Those in religious homes of worship are also exempt.

The full executive order can be found HERE.

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