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Covid 19

Executive Order Requires Face Masks Inside Public Places

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Chateau Grand Traverse has undergone major changes amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Traverse City winery now has glass shields on the tasting bar and spread out tables to follow social distancing guidelines.

Owner, Eddie O’Keefe says, “We require you have to have a mask when you enter, it’s absolutely required. You can remove it when you get to our tasting counter but then we kindly ask you to put it back on.”

Starting Monday, Chateau Grand Traverse won’t be the only Michigan business requiring everyone to wear a face mask.

Governor Whitmer’s executive order makes masks mandatory.

Michigan State Police Houghton Lake Post Commander, F/Lt. Travis House says, “It basically orders people of Michigan to be wearing masks when they’re in any indoor public space or an outdoor space that is tight enough where they can’t maintain social distancing. It also goes further and really puts it on businesses to ensure that people who are entering their stores are following that order.”

 Chateau Grand Traverse is standing by the Governor’s decision.

They say they want to encourage people to come out, but have to put the safety of their employees first.

 O’Keefe says, “Not only is it a layer of protection that allows us to implement these plans and really stand behind it, but it really takes out that guess work of an employee of going well maybe you can or cannot wear a mask… This is definite.”

 As part of Governor Whitmer’s order, anyone refusing to wear a mask could be subject to a $500 fine.

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